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Dental Hygiene Exams

Your initial visit with us will begin with a comprehensive dental hygiene exam. We will go through your medical and dental history. Our intraoral exam will start with an oral cancer screening via palpation and special oral cancer screening device. We will assess and discuss your periodontal health.

Digital Dental x- rays

After our through intraoral comprehensive exam we will determine how many x-rays we will need to further assess for cavities and bone loss. Should you need a referral , with your consent we will be able to forward your x-rays to your health/dental provider.

Our mobile dental hygiene clinic is equipped with a portable x-ray unit that meets radiation safety standards.

Dental Cleaning

The removal of soft (plaque) and hard (tartar) deposits both above and below the gum line are important for our oral health. If left untreated can cause Gingivitis and can lead to irreversible Periodontitis ( gum disease). Our dental cleaning are done by hand instruments and piezo scalers.

Dental Polishing

Dental polishing is also known as Prophylaxis, selective polishing is done to remove extrinsic stains that are left by the consumption of certain food, drinks and smoking. Selective polishing leaves the surface of teeth clean and smooth preventing bacteria to adhere to them again.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride helps in the prevention of decay as well as sensitivity by strengthening the enamel of the teeth and aiding in the remineralization process. In office treatments can be offered as: rinse, gel, foam or varnish.

Newly approved Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a liquid substance used to help prevent tooth cavities (or caries) from forming, growing, or spreading to other teeth.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating placed over the chewing surface on the teeth. Sealants act as a physical barrier to oral bacteria and food. Sealants are durable and can protect children and adults.

Denture Cleaning

Keeping dentures clean is essential to promote good esthetics, control bad breath and prevent oral infections in the denture client. It is recommended to remove dentures every night and store them in a container filled with water. Our mobile clinic is equipped with ultrasonic cleaner to clean your dentures or dental appliances.

Atraumatic Restorative Therapy

ART (Temporary Fillings). Temporary restoration may be indicated for clients that require a permanent restoration but access is not immediate or practical. A referral will be given for a permanent replacement with a dentist.

Teeth Whitening

Although teeth are not naturally meant to be completely white many Canadians want a brighter smile.
We have options for you to have a beautiful smile.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Clients who are wheelchair users can stay comfortably in their chair for the entire treatment. We have made room in our van to accommodate most wheelchair sizes as well as a wheelchair lift to assist clients to enter our mobile van.

Collis Curve Toothbrush

Collis Curve toothbrush:

  • Bristles clean tops and side teeth plus gum line at once.
  • Easier for care providers
  • More comfortable for care recipients

Collis Curve Toothbrush:

  • We offer a Collis Curve Toothbrush to our clients who need it.
  • This Toothbrush is perfect for young children , people with braces, clients with Dementia, Parkinson disease, Autism or Disabilities in general.